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Legacy of Excellence

LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE by Primus is a self-regulating standard to exceed your expectations by optimizing caregiver screening and selection, expert training, and supervisor support.
Primus Home Care strives to provide unparalleled home care experience personalized for your needs and preferences.  LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE is an agency-wide effort to go above and beyond to ensure a safe, independent, and positive environment for you and your loved ones. LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE guides our professionals to observe the following code of conduct. 
  • Compassionate Care – Listen carefully to clients, understand current needs, and be mindful to anticipate future needs.
  • Organized and Adaptive Services – Know requisite tasks beforehand, adapt to client’s changing needs, and apply changes to future services.
  • Genuine Communications – Listen to clients’ needs with genuine interests and provide warm, clear, and honest communications.
  • Timely Concern Resolutions – Listen carefully to obtain facts, be sincere in expressing regrets, clearly explain what will happen, and follow-up until resolved.
  • Attitude and Pride –Maintain genuinely compassionate attitude and go out of a way to improve our clients’ quality of life. Be proud that our family of caregivers is the best asset of Primus.


Selecting a right homecare provider is a difficult choice.

For more information about how Primus can be of service to you, please contact us. You are always welcome at Primus.

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